I was born in London a long time ago. A true Cockney, not typical, but by a twist of fate, born within the sound of Bow Bells, raised in Worcestershire in the English Midlands and then resident all over the place in the UK, France and Germany. My early musical experiences were in folk clubs and my first professional experience was playing with Hilary James and Simon Mayor in the mid 1970’s. The 80’s saw me working mainly on the business side of things, managing Midland’s band Rouen during their spells at Island Records and EG and “plugging” records in London. In the late 80’s I started back playing again, touring and doing many support slots for major artists, especially on the blues scene in London and Germany, and often with the harmonica player Al Richardson. Shows with, amongst others, Ruby Turner, The Blues Band, John Mayall, The Animals, The Reading Festival, Balve Blues Festival, Iserlohn, Germany, John B Sebastian, Hue and Cry. There was also my band The Jaggernauts, often found on their way up to Scotland or off to Germany. Recent years have seen me touring, writing and recording and now living in South Wales.



Peter Jagger, cassette, The New Cross sessions

Step it up and go, cassette, with Al Richardson

The Rough Edge (Valve Records), CD, wuth The Jaggernauts

Easy Listening (Valve Records), CD, with The Jaggernauts

Peter Jagger (Valve Records), CD, solo acoustic